3 Lions on the shirt…but not enough roar to win the Euro’s

This England team that is set for the Euro’s are starting to fall apart at the seams.  To begin with Hodgson didn’t exactly pick the strongest squad.  Despite what I had said about him in a previous article when he was chosen to be our manager I actually believe that his squad choice was not as bad as I was expecting. Except for including the underperforming Liverpool players he made some fair choices considering the players he had to choose from although I would have put in Grant Holt, Jack Rodwell, Micah Richards and Aaron Lennon, who have all had a pretty good season. We needed a manager earlier so we had a team that had played together a few times by now.

I will have to say that I don’t agree with Gerrard being Captain either, he’s just too quiet and doesn’t command people with the force that a captain should, not to mention the fact that he will probably be injured within two games.  We also have a striker that will be banned for the first two games.  2 other strikers that aren’t exactly on form and the Sturridge who will get picked last over Welbeck and Carroll. But the major issue here is injuries. We now have injuries to Lampard, Barry and Ruddy and apparently Henderson is replacing Lampard which is the worst decision ever, even playing an injured Lampard would be better.

The England team are not at the strongest they could be.  They are nowhere near as good as the Euro 96 team that got the semi-finals.  We don’t have a Shearer anymore, or a Gazza, or a Ince or even a Pearcey (although technically we still have him as yt coach).  We miss players that have a presence in the team. All of our available strikers are nowhere near to the standard of either of the above strikers. Our midfield is poor set to be ever worse now Lampard is injured. Welbeck and Carroll the likely choices for striker does not fill me with optimism.  It hasn’t helped that the EPL was a pretty tough season physically for some players and they haven’t had much rest. When we played Norway on Saturday, it honestly was the most boring game ever to me.  we need to put a lot more energy and technicality into our game to even compete in the Euro’s. I think Gary Neville will be our saving grace in the way of tactics.

I’m not as excited as I should be about the Euro’s.  I am excited about the fact I get to watch a football game almost everyday and I’m excited about reading, fantasy league and having football back in my life but am I excited about the England team, no I am actually not. I don’t think we will win the Euro’s! I’d be surprised if we get to the quarter finals and if we did it would be by some pure miracle. I hope that one day we’ll get back to the kind of England team that feels you with excitement, I don’t think it will be with Roy, maybe if we could get Venables back. As much as I wish it was, I don’t think football will be coming home this summer…

6 thoughts on “3 Lions on the shirt…but not enough roar to win the Euro’s

  1. We have the same chance of winning the Euros as Finland have to winning the Eurovision song contest. Also hell would have to freeze over twice lol! That would be one hell of an accumulator bet lol!

  2. Very true tho i’d say we have as much of winning the Euro’s this year, as we have with winning the Euroviison song contest i’m just glad this wil be the first tournament that the media won’t be plastering all over the place that we’re going to win outright as per ruddy usual – finally something Wenger could even take a leaf outta if he put his mind to it…….realism lol

    • that’s very true! our midfield will suffer but hopefully it will mean that The Ox will get a chance to shine. Ferdinand is just to old for England now hun! little bit too slow!

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