Euro 2012…Pain or Gain in Ukraine

I didn’t watch the Panorama programme last night but I have read and heard a lot about the location of the Euro’s before and after the programme.  You have to really question what FIFA are playing at organising a tournament here.  They couldn’t have picked a worse location in terms of football violence, racism, homophobia and the fact that there is still a lot of general violence within these countries.  It begs the question to whether we should be having a tournament where a lot of footballers let alone families and fans are so openly not welcome.  In this modern-day in age NOBODY should be subjected to that kind of predjudice…it is disgusting!

FIFA seem to be in over their heads in terms of fair play and making sure every country has equal opportunities. I agree that football tournaments need to be divided and played in countries fairly but should it really be happening at the expense of abuse.  It seems like a huge mistake before it has even happened which makes me wonder why FIFA are so set on this happening. Their feckless attitude towards making decisions needs to change.  Are they so blind that they cannot foresee that this could possibly end in disaster, especially if abused players (rightly so) walk off the pitch, or there is a lot of trouble in terms of riots, amongst the fact that the people who live there do not wish for us to be there either. It would be so much better to have a tournament where fans are welcome and do not fear attending.  Surely money cannot be more important but yes I truly believe that is the sole reason for not moving this tournament.

If it all goes wrong in Poland and Ukraine and this tournament ends in violence I don’t know what they outcome will be? Teams banned from playing if their players/fans react? Both these countries lose the future role of ever hosting another Euro tournament again? What if the trouble goes as far as violence and people losing their lives? None of these situations may even happen and I am really hoping it all goes well out there but after seeing all the media reports I have to ask the question -is it worth the risk?


6 thoughts on “Euro 2012…Pain or Gain in Ukraine

  1. I can remember the euro’s in Belgium where there was violence from fans – england fans included BUT video evidence showed at one time that England fans were goaded by German fans at the time which sparked the scenes that unfolded and yet once again England were threatened with expulsion from the tournament, despite being goaded on by i think it was German and Turkish fans altogether, yet nothing was said on those other fans just English, I’m just glad it’s not a world cup where african and possibly asain nations were present as the scenes from panorama were disgusting, but then you could argue about the Turks mainly galatasaray fans in europe also – who can forget 2000 Uefa cup semi in istanbul whe they played Leeds of course there was going to be British reprisal for leeds from Arsenal fans after that, galatasaray should have been banned from that Uefa cup tournament due to the violence but wern’t – kind of side stepping but not at the same time if that makes sense

  2. Without even starting you know there is going to be trouble from the offset from the Ukrainian and the polish – you need to go on bbc online and watch it hun it is disturbing and highlighted not just the Ukranian right wing groups and anti jewish etc but the polish as well

  3. Yeah I think i understand what you mean tho lol! It had the potential to be bad when there is a tournament everytime but normally you can forsee it, this is a disaster waiting to happen.

  4. Just a tad hun, even good ole Sol has told England fans to stay away or ‘they could come back in a coffin’ and after watching that panorma he could actually be right, Germany 2010 England fans had around 100,000 tickets i think for the whole thing and i think only 3,000 have been sold per game or throughout doesn’t bode well and you can see it already there is going to be huge riots over there – prob why they have put Russia in Poland for the group games as opposed to the Ukraine and you know the Dutch love a good rumble or used to and they’re in Ukraine with a lot of coloured players as with England obviously and France as well – and then you have the Gemans also they won’t back down from a rumbling either – what have FIFA done it is going to be a real disaster in every sense!!!

  5. People should see live tournaments in all parts of the world & Its a shame that that has meant it has been awarded to the Ukraine as part host. The country must be struggling economically & this may have been seen as a way to bolster their economy but at the expense of visitors be verbally & physically abused I think not.
    I have already read in the paper about how much it costs to stay in hotels and the travel infrastructure is bad as well so why did FIFA not look at all of this before awarding it to this country.
    The Olympic commitee have a standard that the host nation has to achieve before it is even considered so why not in football.
    Clean up your act first & then we will award you with the tournament. That is what FIFA should be doing in future.

    • Selwyn first of all thanks for your comment. Secondly that is a very good point to make. Fifa should definitely have a standard that it should make before they allow their fans to travel to somewhere that is completely run down. It also doesn’t send out the right message to future competitors. I think the country in question should actually want the tournament too, I don’t think Poland is that bad but the Ukraine is dreadful.

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