Arsene’s After season interview

Towards the end of last week I watched an interview with Arsene Wenger for Barclay’s Premier league world.  It was his first interview since the season ended and one that held his opinion on our season and also he was finally going to lift the lid on transfer talks regarding Robin Van Persie.

Wenger on: This season

Arsene was asked about his opinion on Arsenal’s season.  He said that this was the season that “caused him sleepless nights”.  He thought we were “consistent throughout the season and that we actually done quite well considering the start we had”. He conceded that the 8-2 defeat against Man United was a breaking point for team. “The morale amongst them was very low” and he wasn’t sure how long it would take to get the team to recover from the psychological effect that game had on them.  He knew he had a big job to repair the damage from that game but he knew it was repairable.  He went on to say that the winning the Tottenham game was the late start to the season for Arsenal but it was the game that regained their confidence and their team spirit. Arsene’s key word for this season was consistency,and that Arsenal’s motivation and dedication provided the necessary consistency to get to the top 3.

Wenger on: the return of Thierry Henry

Henry came to ask Arsene if he can come and do a few things at Arsenal and after watching him train, Wenger decided that “he was not finished” and that’s when he decided to sign him up on loan. Henry brought a lot of positivity with him.

Wenger on: Robin Van Persie

Wenger praised Robin Van Persie for the season he has had.  He is very happy that he won PFA player of the year award.  He says “when you think about Robin Van Persie from the player who was on the bench at Feyenoord to the player he is now, it is remarkable”.  He never misses a training session or a game. “I believed in him as a main striker, his intentions around the box and also the incredible finish he has”

Regarding the transfer furore surrounding Van Persie Wenger say “I am confident that you will see Robin van Persie next year in the Barclay’s Premier league and I am very confident that you will see him in red and white” Which indicates that he think he will stay.

I think it was a very refreshing and honest interview from Wenger. I might not agree with certain parts of it but I think he was honest about what went on in regards to the team at the start of the season. I hope that he is right about Van Persie, I did actually feel a little relieved but I also remember when he said that about Fabregas

2 thoughts on “Arsene’s After season interview

  1. Well not just fabregas but nasri also he said the same on – one word i would use for Wenger in reg to last season………..DELUSION!!! we were anything but consistent last season, i mean defeats to Fulham, Swansea QPR amongst others is appalling for a supposed top four team, 19 points behind the top two teams at the end of the season is also disgusting really and getting sick and tired of wenger’s excuses time after time after time – it’s almost like he has an energizer bunny of excuses lol, and the season could’ve been so much more if we had done what Man Utd and others hadd one in sorting out our transfers and business in the first few weeks of the transfer window, not waiting until 3 weeks into the season where in a blind panic and rush after an absolute mauling at old trafford hed decides ‘oh ok erm maybe my squad is not as strong as i had suggested before the start’ but then you have to look at his choices that he brought in – oxlade, young exceptional talent yet hardly breaks into the first team – yet was ou biggest signing in terms of money at £15 mill altogether wit bonus’s and add on’s etc Gervinho well what more can you say of that guy he is a disaster on the pitch cannot finish to save his life and couldn’t score in a free brothel, joel campbell well chased for a £1 million yet then we find oh look he i not eligable for a UK work permit so hey guess what another youngster out on loan as soon as he comes and then carl jenkinson again for £1 million great spirit in him but that’s about it, and what gets me is we signed him after he had never actually played in the football league either but in the blue sq southern league een tho he was on charlton’s books – i mean seriously am i the only one here lol – and then his end of august signings were not much better with the exception of Arteta who has moulded in well to the side the rest are a joke even big per – good solid but far to slow to turn – van persie i do not expect to be with us into next season and i’ve said it before poldi was brought into as a ready replacement already and if he’s the only big name quality signing this summer cheers van persie thanks for the memories 🙂

    • I definitely agree with you on a lot of points there Dan, especially the one about all the young players, we need a couple of over 25’s in the squad to bring some experience to the team. Our signings in the last 3/4 years have been dreadful, with as you said the exception of Arteta..,I also think once give the chance Oxlade-Chamberlain will be a good player. We need a whole 2nd team for when we have injuries in the first team and we also need to make sure we can rotate formations 🙂

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