Arsenal Transfer Gossip

I didn’t think I’d ever be doing a transfer gossip piece but after all the rumours going round I thought I’d run through what I have heard over the last few days

Chelsea have apparently offered Yossi Benayoun to Arsenal for a bargain fee of £1 million. If this is true even Arsene will have to admit that this is a bargain for him. He played so well for us this season; in fact I would put him down as being one of our strongest players in the team. He has been fantastic…much better than I ever thought he was going to be. I really hope Arsenal can pull their pens out by Friday; it’d be really stupid for them to let him go.

Junior Hoilett is still on Arsenal’s wish list.  I think he is a player that would be a great buy for Arsenal and he would be well within Arsene’s bargain hunting price too. If we sign him then it will give us the necessary back up on Walcott and Oxlade-Chamberlain…Or maybe Wenger will go back to 4-4-2 formation choosing to have a winger either side and Van P and Podolski upfront.

Solomon Kalou has been released by Chelsea and Wenger was previously interested in him and there is a fair chance that because he is free that Wenger might actually sign him.  I’m not entirely sure that this is the best of moves because he probably is just not good enough for what we need.

As talks with Yann M’vila apparently stall we have lined up a replacement in the form of Etienne’s Capoue.  This is basically a cheaper, less talented version of M’vila. He is not that good from what I have seen and although we seem to have a bit of luck with French players-I don’t think he’s a good choice.

According to French newspaper reports Arsenal are set to open the bidding for Montpellier striker Olivier Giroud, by offering £6.4million plus the services of Marouane Chamakh.  This would be a great deal if we can manage to pull it off. I’d even pay Chamakh’s flight out of here.

The other news from Arsenal is that Almunia amongst 7 other players has finally left…I haven’t seen so much relief from Arsenal fans for ages.  He persevered but with Szczesny and even Flappihandski having better games it was no wonder he slipped to 3rd choice. Would love to say thanks for everything but he didn’t really do much.

We could also do with a few more on the transfer list but as I have previously wrote about these guys…I won’t bore you again.

So…the one that we’re all probably excited about and know deep down that it won’t happen is the rumour that this morning Arsenal put in a £30million bid in for Eden Hazard.  If this is true, I’d be very surprised and even more surprised if we actually did sign him but I’m not sure it is.  Or maybe they have bid knowing they don’t stand a chance.  I’d love to see us get Eden Hazard, not only because he is a great footballer but it would the other the other 3 teams in for him. But in the nicest possible way Eden Hazard is a bit of a transfer whore so who knows where he’ll end up…

So that’s the transfer round up of this week.  I’ll not believe anyone has been signed until I actually see it on the Arsenal website but I hope beyond all words that Wenger and co are spending as we speak.

5 thoughts on “Arsenal Transfer Gossip

  1. We certainly haven’t put a bid in for Hazard that much is a certainly, he has pretty much agreed to join Man Utd as it stands – not only that but if Wenger considers M’Villa’s price at £17 million as to expensive and offering them £12 million for a player Rennes rate at £17 million, this is of course after dropping their valuation from £25 mill for him then the idea of Arsenal even considering a £0 mill bid fo Hazard is about as laughable as you can get – the board struggle and sweat at the thought of spending even over £15 mill for a player, and if wenger considers a bid of £12 mill which is £5 mill less then the new valuation for m’villa – the same as cahill wenger offering £6 mill when Bolton wanted £17 now of course cahil wasn’t worth £7 million but he refuses time and time again to pay a reasonable price that an asking club is looking for i don’t think with the exception of podolski that any other known names wil come except for Kalou and considering he cant even get into the chelsea frist team you have to question the rationale here considering that e must be so good that chelsea are not even trying to convince him to stay

  2. I got what you meant though 🙂 Yes it was only a rumour but how great would it have been if Arsenal actually just shocked us all and just did it?!! we’d all fall of our chairs!! I’m not saying we need to sign anyone for £30 mil but just break the bank a little! 🙂

  3. Lol i would run down the street naked singing ging gang gooley if wenger or arsenal ever spent £20 mill or more lol 😀

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