Arsenal’s 7 year itch…Time for divorce?

This time 7 years ago, Arsenal won their last trophy and it feels like forever ago.  I remember us winning that trophy and how the excitement felt, the jumping up and down and celebrating. I miss that winning feeling so much, I miss seeing our players that happy, I miss the Invincibles, I miss the parade. I also hate getting stick from my Man u and Chelsea friends too.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Arsenal through and through. I am a positive Gooner…every season I am filled with excitement, optimism and hope that Arsenal are going to win something but after the season we have just had I am feeling a little less positive about the 2012/2013 season.  If we had an exciting summer of signing new players and bringing fresh feet to the team then I’d definitely be more optimistic that a trophy will be ours next season, but its looking like we are just going to struggle through again with only one signing. Wenger has been quoted as saying this is going to be a ‘quiet’ transfer window for us. Something I think I along with a lot of other Gooners are in disagreement with.  It’s been very clear this year that we need to strengthen our squad. One player being bought is not enough.

I think we’d all feel a little better about things if Wenger and the board were a little bit more communicative and reassuring with the fans. We’ve failed to sign Van Persie before the Euro’s and now we face another long summer of waiting to find out whether our best player is staying.  A repeat of the Nasri and Fabregas transfer drama.

Wenger, Gazidis, Kroenke and Peter Hill-Wood are all failing Arsenal at the moment, something has gone terribly wrong between the manager, board and the club.  Normally the best situation with a 7 year itch is Divorce…But who should we be Divorcing?

2 thoughts on “Arsenal’s 7 year itch…Time for divorce?

  1. Well for one get Gazidis out, it’s a well know tho quietly said fact that whilst they put on a public appearance Wengeer and Gazidis do not see eye to eye at all, Dein was the bridge that balanced the board and club management together since he left the arsenal hierarchy and manager relationship has suffered to the point that even couples counsilling cannot fix,, but for me the biggest sticking point in this relationship is the man for the almighty dollar yet puts in a few cents for his worth – kroenke an american businessman with a majority sharehold yet what contribution does he put in, he is rarely at home or away for that matter, look at abramovich a billion put into the club and is there every game come rain or shine home or away he is there now i’m not one for cheating but maybe a fling behind their backs with usmanov is just what the club needs now or that 7 year rocky unhappy period will continue for seasons more

    • Yes Gazidis has to go…I mentioned in my last one that him and Wenger don’t get on…bad for a club when that happens. We definitely miss Dein, since he went thats when we feel apart. Hill-Wood was weak and stupid after that. Your absolutely right about Kroenke, why have a silent investor when we can have someone that is involved! thank you for your comment 🙂

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