Is Usmanov the change Arsenal need

A few weeks ago I read an article about Alisher Usmanov.  The Russian is now the richest man in his country and has for a while been part of Arsenal.  In the article there was a quote about how he felt about Arsenal as a club.

“My love for Arsenal is like that of a man for a woman, it is not something you can sell”

He has had a huge interest in Arsenal and he has been more than happy to confirm he is willing to play the waiting game in terms of a full takeover. He even claims to have been be a supporter of the club for a long time.  If this is all true then surely the club should be considering letting him become main shareholder.  Stan Kroenke seems to be all about the business side, turning Arsenal into a money-making corporation, which is all well and good but when you decide to sell great players, risk one of our best players leaving and the team seem to fall apart season by season then we run the risk of losing more than we are making.  We are also turning more into a business club rather than a football team.  I don’t claim to know the ins and outs of the business side of Arsenal…I’m a football chick but surely something has to be done about the situation as it is.

Since David Dein left Arsenal and Gazidis and Kroenke come in that is when the huge difference has taken place, we just don’t seem to have been the same Arsenal since that happened.  As much as you can’t blame one person for the downfall at Arsenal we have to admit that David Dein was a genius in terms of who he brought to the club, also he and Wenger got on very well.  It had been rumoured that Arsene and Gazidis merely tolerate each other for the sake of their jobs which must make things uneasy.  Also between them, Peter Hill-Wood and Stan Kroenke Arsenal seem to be suffering.  We’re on the borderline of losing another one of our best players, someone Arsenal fans are getting very tired of after losing Henry, Vieira, Clichy, Nasri, Fabregas and now Van Persie.  We clinched 3rd this season-only because everyone else fell apart. We as fans can’t endure another season of failure of such dramatic terms.

So In wonder is Usmanov the answer…not because he is rich because I truly believe that throwing money at this situation is not the best idea but because we need a huge change at Arsenal. Maybe having someone who actually supports the club as main investor which actually bring us back to our winning ways again. All I know is I like every Arsenal fan misses the days of success and if this man can bring that back then hell yeah he’s the change we need.

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