Robin Van Persie…will he stay or go?

As we all know contract talks between Robin Van Persie and Wenger and co started yesterday morning at 10.30 and still we haven’t heard a thing.  There are a lot of media articles speculating this morning and a lot of Arsenal fans discussing it.  We should all know by now that Arsenal as a club never kiss and tell unless anything is completely definite.  Wenger for one is a man of mystery and doesn’t like the media ‘breaking’ his news.  I also think that contract talks are going to take longer than 24 hours because I think both parties are going to take some convincing no matter the outcome of this situation.

Arsenal fans just don’t seem to have learned their lesson, lets not believe everything we hear especially from so called sources like The Mirror and the Daily Mail. I’m of the theory that no news is good news. There is still a very good chance Van Persie could be staying but I also agree that there is a possibility that he could leave .  I know he said on Sunday at the West Brom game that “whatever happens, I love this club and that will never change” I don’t think this confirms one way or another whether he has decided. I think he will decide as a result of the discussion he will have with Wenger. They will obviously discuss whether he has a future with Arsenal, whether it will involve the ability of the team to compete in a stronger way for trophies next season, it will depend on Arsene and Gazidis’ efforts to strengthen the squad through players and sell those that aren’t up to scratch.  Ultimately I’ve never heard Van Persie or his family say he is unhappy at Arsenal.

I hope Arsenal do everything they can to make Van Persie stay; But if he doesn’t want to play for us anymore then we can’t force him to, we all saw what that did to Fabregas in his last season. Even a one year contract on top of what he has will enable him to see if Arsenal can compete next season.  Robin Van Persie is a very talented guy, he has been a great player for us and he has also been very loyal to us for 8 years, but there are always more Van Persie’s in this world.  We might be lost without him for a season but we will find another striker and we will mould another team together.  There’s no denying this has been a tough season for Arsenal and who are we to hold him back from future success at another club if we can’t offer him this. Everyone just needs to stop speculating and being negative until he or the club actually announces the situation.

If he chooses to stay, I’ll be over the moon and I will hope this will force the club to make team improvements. If he chooses to leave then I wish him all the best and thank him for everything he has done for the club, every goal scored, every assist made, every minute of beautiful football he has played. Either way the man has to do what the man has to do…

2 thoughts on “Robin Van Persie…will he stay or go?

  1. My sentiments exactly , I think all said things have turned out equal, the club stood by Robin when he was injured and when he was aggresive arrogant and just plain crap at times, but thsoe days are long gone and he is a fine ambassador for football and Arsenal. Personally I can’t see him staying , but if he does it will be credit to Arsene Wenger who (at last) seems to understand , that you can’t continue doing the same thing , and expect a different result up or we will be the bottom feeders of the top four, that’s reality for ya !
    Ps . Great blog !

    • ah I definitely agree with you on that, I think Arsene wenger needs to change his ways or we face losing everyone else ( although we don’t have much left to lose lol) and we won’t have the credit for players to come to us. If we had brought decent players last year and jan then I don’t think Van P would actually want to leave. He needs a challenge. Thank you so much for commenting 🙂

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