My Team of the season

Well another Premiership season is finished and it’s time for that all important season summary.  This season has been full of more twists and turns than a rollercoaster ride.  There have been some amazing saves, defending, attacking and goals scored this season.  Some players have excelled beyond all imagination.  For me the team of the season was a hard one this year.  There were so many players to choose from and I had some hard choices but here they are…My special 11

My team of the season:

Goalkeeper: Tim Krul-Newcastle.  The Newcastle  goalkeeper has had a great season.  He has been in great form and made some very good saves. He has really proved himself this season, he has been better than most of the other premiership goalkeepers.  His stats were pretty impressive too.

Right back-Kyle Walker-Tottenham.  After the season he has had he fully deserved to win young player of the year. He is strong fierce and a generally good all rounder, he is not afraid to tackle.  I think he actually could be one of the best right backs I have seen for a few years.  Also not forgetting that cracking free kick he scored against Blackburn this season.

Central Defender-Vincent Kompany-Manchester City.  At £5 million this has been the best money that Man City have spent.  His attitude and mentality are brilliant, he dominates a defensive and has an eye for detail that enables to him to see where to position himself best to defend. I think he is one of the strongest defenders I’ve seen for a while.  Bags of talent.

Central Defender- Laurent Koscielny-Arsenal.  I debated this position a lot because Arsenal’s defense were awful this year but actually without Koscielny, it would have been dramatically worse.  This young player has grown up so much from the player he was last season, he has improved so much. He still gets booked a little too much but actually he has made some awesome defensive tackles and he has held Arsenal’s defense up for most of the season.

Left back- Benoit Assou-Ekotto.  He has had a fantastic season.  He  is a  fast paced accurate attacking left back who can gravitate in between players and around the left side of the pitch.  He has defended so well this season and fully deserves to be in this list.

Right Midfield-Antonio Valencia-Manchester United.  In my opinion he has been their best player by far this season.  His non stop running everywhere and consistent passing is what makes him so good, not to mention the fact that he assists and contributes to the goal tally on a regular basis.  Great player.

Central Midfield- Stephane Sessegnon-Sunderland.  What a cracking season he has had.  He creates chance after chance for Sunderland, He is a great holding midfielder as well as falling back to defend and forward to attack if needed.  He has scored, created and assisted a high majority of Sunderland’s strikers, I think with permanent strikers in front of him he could be a dangerous player to come up against.

I am fully aware that I am about to put in two wingers but I haven’t been able to choose between both these players.

Winger- David Silva-Manchester City.  Silva has been a huge part of Man City’s team, his ability to swerve around any player and make huge runs is unbelievable, he is little and fast which helps when he has to get through defenders.  He is one of the most consistent players in the Premiership.  He has been nicknamed Merlin and it is very easy to see why because he definitely brings magic to a team.  He has scored a total of 8 goals and has 18 assists this season which is great form.

Winger-Juan Mata-Chelsea.  What a phenomenal player. Mata has definitely been Chelsea’s best player by far this season, he has contributed so much to the team.  He is a creative and extremely fast and technical.  He can read a goal scoring opportunity like a striker and he takes the chances with ease.  His passing is accurate and his attacking midfield/winger/striker role is certainly the best place for him to be.  Do I think Chelsea would have been lost without him this season?-Yes I really do think so.  He has netted 12 goals and 20 assists this season.  He has been compared to the likes of Zola and Silva but I actually think he could possibly be better, especially if Chelsea pick up their game next season.

Striker-Robin Van Persie-Arsenal.  Robin Van Persie has had a pretty amazing season in terms of his own achievements. He has scored 80% of Arsenal’s goals this season and saved them from what could have possibly been a very embarrassing season for them.  It’s fair to say they would have been lost without him.  Van Persie’s class and style of scoring is above the rest in the Premiership.  He see’s an opportunity and goes for it, the power he puts behind the ball and the goals he score are fantastic.  He has scored 37 goals and assisted 14 this season.  He became the 2nd player to score a goal against 17 different Premier League teams in one season.  He also won PFA player of the year and the Writers player of the year awards and not forgetting the Golden Boot.

Striker-Sergio Aguero-Manchester City.  I had to choose between him and Papiss Cisse but after Aguero’s 94th minute goal on Sunday that won Man City the Premier league- he earned his right to be here.  He has had a brilliant season for Manchester city.  His 30minute debut was one of the best football has seen for a while.  He has been their highest striker and the dominant choice for them all season.  Some amazing goals have come from Aguero’s feet this year. He has scored 30 goals and 10 assists plus aiding Man City to winning their first Premier league title. A great asset to their team.

Manager of the season goes to Roman Abramovich…no I’m just joking it actually is Roberto Mancini, As much as I personally do not like this guy he derserves it for leading Manchester City to their first Premier League title in 44 years.  He has stayed positive and he has been a great tactician.

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