Come on you Gunners

Ah I am so nervous this afternoon, I am really hoping that Arsenal can claim that 3rd place Champion’s league spot.  We have so much relying on this game.  If we don’t qualify for Champions league I actually think Robin Van Persie will the leave the club. He has already been noted as saying he’d give up everything for CL football.  I think we would also suffer as a club and it would been a major knock to our already wavering confidence.  Players wouldn’t want to sign with us. It would mean we would lose the experience of playing in Champions league and also the money from qualifying.

The Arsenal team need to come out with a belief that they are going to win, they need to play well and with passion.  They have to be consistent and persistent. Play like they actually want to win like we did against Man City a few weeks. We have had a tricky season and we need to finish on some sort of high. Wenger needs to just play the right players today and more than anything we need to remember the motto on our crest Victoria Concordia Crescit (“victory comes from harmony”) and play through that.


Come on you gunners

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