No Goal-Line Tech until 2013

Premier League Chief executive Richard Scudamore has admitted that Goal-Line Technology is not going to be introduced until 2013 at the earliest. FIFA are set to make a decision next month regarding this much talked about issue

2 different methods are undergoing the testing process at the moment;GoalRef and Hawk-eye.

GoalRef is similar to the Cairos GLT system I have mentioned in a previous article, except they have put electronic probes in between the lining and the inner ball, which then react with sensors that are placed within the goal posts.  This will send out a dopplar like electronic waves, straight to the referee.  Which would actually be quicker than a linesman putting up his flag.

Hawk-Eye-I’ve previously mentioned is the usage of 6 cameras positioned at various angles which watches the ball cross the line and calculates whether it has happened.  This system won’t however work if a goalkeeper lands on top of the ball. It also has a margin error of 3.6mm.  It apparently can only be decided by FIFA’s testing office too which would have no effect on the referee’s decision. But the testing process might change this.

Out of the 2 GoalRef is the best in my opinion because it allows the decision to be made right at the moment whereas the Hawk eye technology can only be decided after watching.

Either way though, the FA need to do everything they can to implement this as soon as possible. We have had too many wrong decisions this year and as one of the biggest sports in the world; we are far behind where this subject is concerned.

3 thoughts on “No Goal-Line Tech until 2013

  1. I agree it makes you wonder what the FA are soo scared of with this technology or is it due to allegations of match rigging etc at fifa themselves that the FA have also been accused of at several times which is why they will not rush to get it in – rugby, cricket infact every major sport has this type of technology except the biggest sport in teh world – football

  2. I dont think Ive read anything like this before. So good to find somebody with some original thoughts on this subject. thank for starting this up. This website is something that is needed on the web, someone with a little originality. Good job for bringing something new to the internet! 574256

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