What does Arsene Wenger consider success to be?

I have spent most of this evening writing an article on Arsene Wenger and how I think people have been quite harsh on him these last few months and then I read an article on the www.arsenal.com site- on the home page* that has annoyed me.  It also made me think a few people that have wrote articles on Wenger and the people who have had the anti Wenger opinion, may have a point.  We all know that we have had a tough season, one where the manager has taken a lot of flak, for our bad performances, our incredibly poor start and the fact that he didn’t replenish the squad last year after selling two of our high performing players.  He has also been slated by many an Arsenal fan over the last month especially.  Now I’ve not been pro or against Wenger this season even despite what has happened but this article has certainly made me question whether he is entirely committed to the team and being a manager.

Now before you all start commenting that I am out of order-hear me out.   In this article, Arsene describes how HE would like to further the Arsenalisation of the Emirates.  He wants to make it the the centre of London, building up and developing it as a business and making it somewhere where it isn’t just a football ground.  I love the fact that Arsenal are making these plans and I think it’s a great idea to maximise our profits and make it more attractive to people to visit, not only for football but for entertainment and other purposes but surely Arsene should not be involved in this. It’s not his job.  We should be leaving this planning to the likes of Kroenke and Gazidis.

We are barely scraping 3rd place at the moment, and if we don’t qualify for Champion’s League then we will ultimately run the risk of losing some very important players, as well as losing the money we make for qualifying and playing.  We have a team that hasn’t won a trophy in 7 years and we pay the most money in the Premiership for tickets and we should be doing better in the league.

I love Wenger and all that he has done for this club.  He has been a great manager and has been responsible for some great memories and also some amazing talent that has come and gone from the club… there is also no denying that he is one clever dude in football and in business but this article has really made me question whether Arsene has his mind competely focused on the job as team MANAGER or whether his interests lie more within the success of the business side of the club. Either way if the team if suffering then maybe he needs to choose to either remain as manager, give it his full concentration and leave the business side to whomever should be in control of that or to go onto the board as a business man. I truly believe that Arsene can lead us to success on and off the pitch but at the moment he is trying to balance both and it’s not working.  Time to make a choice Arsene…

* It’s not letting me add the link but the article is on the Arsenal home page titled ‘I want Emirates to be the centre of London’ for anyone who wants to read what he has said!

7 thoughts on “What does Arsene Wenger consider success to be?

  1. I’ve been saying it for years but no-one has listened to me and just abused me insteadd for saying it in that Wenger is an economist, he is suited to the business side of things but as a manger he is a poor coach and tactician, i’ve said for about 10 years now that we’ll never actually win anything significant under him ie Champions League etc to which again i just got abused for those thoughts but with exception to the prem 3 times and fa cup four times i have not been wrong yet – 2 failed defeated european finals both of which we should’ve won especially the final against Galatasaray and 7 trophies – as in two differnt cups and that is it is a real poor record for a top manager in 15 years at a club when you consider George Graham who in 9 years so a shorter time spam built up the famous back 5 that wenger inherited, we won the league titles twice, done the domestic cup double – to which wenger hasn’t even achieved a league cup in tose 15 years, we reached the european cup winners cup final twice in a row winning it once – albeit graham was sacked for the bung scandal just before the semi finals that houston took over n, in terms of success in time periods graham’s was better and that’s what we have missed now for many a season – a real manager not one who brought and sold off for a business profit – i really hope he buggers off to paris as speculated during the early start to last season an that we finally can appoint a real manager for the team who understands – and hey wenger’s last big club was monaco look at how he ruined them with the same philosophy before being sacked for it and them dropping down to 17th in Ligue one

    • Danny mate, I have first of all thank you for the comment, much appreciated. I unfortunately had been of the theory see what happens, hopefully it will all work out…but it hasn’t. I remember the winning days of George graham and I absolutely agree with you that Wenger did inherit the best back 5 ever. He also made some clever decisions those first few years but David Dein was still at the club then, I think a combination of Dein leaving and Kroenke & Gazidid coming in allowed Wenger full rein as a business person/manager. I agree with every point you have made and I hope that somehow we can get Arsenal back to good old days of winning stuff.

      Thanks once again for your comment!

      • That’s alright anytime, you have to answer this question – not you personally mind lol, what other to four European club would’ve allowed a period of 7 years of nothing and still kept on that manager without making those changes? – would fergie have allowed more than one season without a trophy at least to show for it, absolutely not he would’ve made needed changes and got rid of the players not up for it, wenger doesn’t he defends and like wates in djourou gives them new contracts – as they say you can only count success with what you have to show for it, with the exception of a new stadium arguably which has cost us not enforced us in terms of finance what in 7 years have we to show for it except our best and brightest players being offloaded at vast profits and then not replaced with equal talent or ability, look at Barcelona they were a shadow of their former 90’s selves and so got rid of their boss and appointed Guardiola – 7 years ago in that same time frame we have won nothing they have won 2 champions league finals, world club championship finals etc etc all in all 17 trohies in 7 years compared to 0 by us in that same time, and no-one can say we cannot compete when we are now recorded as the fourth richest club in teh world is it any wonder when that profit doesn’t go on rebuilding and strengthening a team or paying a manager for failure every season with a £7.5 million a year pay packet it’s ridiculous

      • As you said Danny, Wenger is ‘a top manager’ should stick to business and you would prefer a ‘real manager’.
        No wonder no one has listened to you!

  2. obviously dab hand can’t read fortunately the writer herself knew exactly what i meant, i said if you actually read you muppet that 7 trophies in 15 years is a poor record for a top manager – as in manager of a top club, i didn’t say wenger was a ‘top manager’

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