Arsenal V Norwich…Where the guns got bird flu!

I was suffering the hangover from hell yesterday, I tried streaming the game from my bed but unfortunately my room is a timewarp for reception so I pulled myself to the sofa-and I probably shouldn’t have bothered.  I’m actually still not entirely sure what to write here.  I wish I could be writing that Arsenal had a fantastic game and we played our hearts out like we actually wanted to win and like we actually wanted 3rd place…but I can’t lie.  Lets face it, this was a rubbish game for Arsenal. And to be frank we played s***!

Yossi secured an early lead with a cracking goal 66 seconds into the game and then Arsenal didn’t bother for another 50 minutes.  Credit where credit is due, I honestly believe that every one of the goals that were scored yesterday -both Arsenal and Norwich’s were classy and impeccably finished.  Norwich played very well and already this season Holt has been praised and I will reiterate what ever pundit has said in saying that he is a great player. He should definitely be going to the Euro’s.  Arsenal’s defence has had it’s worst season for conceding goals ever, something is not working with our defence and I can’t understand why as the defenders as individuals are great but they allowed too much space to the Norwich team yesterday and that was our downfall.

Song unfortunately didn’t have a good game but I’m not going to slate him as he has saved our ass many a time this season.  Ramsey is and has been off form for a while and i’m not sure how long we can go on defending him.  But actually no one really had a good game-well apart from Norwich! We lacked spirit yesterday, we looked out of our depth against a side we would have beaten with ease last season.  No one was marking the player they should have been. How many times do we have to give away a lead before someone (Arsene) realises that tatically-this ain’t working.  I agree we should’ve had a penalty but we were also lucky not to have had two players sent off.  The final nail in the coffin was  Sagna breaking his leg for a 2nd time this season…I hope he gets better for next season because we need him.

I love Arsenal with all my heart, but my gosh this season has been the most testing and emotional one since the season of Bruce Rioch. I’m not the only one whom felt it either.  there were swarms of Arsenal fans arguing on various social network sites and I read a fair few comments and blogs that were written from pure passion of frustration, out of love for a club that is failing us.  I will be writing another article in regards to Wenger and co in a few days but we really need a change…It’s not fair to the fans that support this club day in and day out, it’s not fair to those who pay the most in the Premiership for tickets to a team that cannot even scrape together a decent season! We were lucky the results today helped us out but will we be this lucky next week….

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