Welcome to Arsenal Lukas Podolski

I like every Gunner was pleased to hear yesterday that Arsenal have confirmed the signing of Lukas Podolski.  This is great news for Arsenal and probably for Podolski as Cologne have really been suffering this season.  Podolski signed for around £11m but that hasn’t been confirmed as we all know Wenger doesn’t tell. We desperately needed a new forward though.  Especially one who is capable of scoring lots of goals and making lots of assists too.  We all know this season that we have been far too reliant on Van Persie for majority of our goals. Chamakh and Gervinho have failed to impress me and Walcott only got into form halfway through the season.  If we want to be a team that competes then that needs to change and hopefully it will from now on.

In a previous article about Podolski I wrote that he was a strong and very productive attacking striker.  He has been player of the year in the past and has a promising future.  He is also statistically a great player.  Podolski can bring a vibrant freshness to Arsenal’s strike force.   Arsenal can play him with Van Persie and Walcott upfront thus creating a lot more goals and opportunities for all of them, or the other option would be for Walcott to fall back to the wing and play Van Persie and Podolski as a strike partnership, We haven’t seen a strong strike partnership since the days or Henry and Bergkamp.

I’m really happy that Arsenal have made a productive move in wrapping up the signing of Podolski before the Euro’s.  This will give him time to intergrate within the team and learn how to play in our style, which I am sure he will adapt to with ease.  I can’t wait to see his new addition to the Arsenal team in action.  I’m not with the view of some fans that Podolski is Van Persie’s replacement, I think Wenger has brought him with Van Persie in mind.  I think Lukas Podolski will have a great career at Arsenal.  All that is left to say is:

Lukas Podolski…Welcome to Arsenal

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