Roy Hodgson-England Manager-Based on sweet FA

The FA today have announced that Roy Hodgson is to take over as England manager on a 4 year contract.  Have they no sense at all?  They appointed him apparently putting their confidence in him and then made a littany of excuses to why he was their choice.  A contradiction to say the least.  Brooking and Berstein have learned nothing over the last few years about the England team.  First of all this decision should not have been left so long.  If they FA knew months ago that they wanted him-why did they not sort it out then instead of allowing the media furore to continue over Redknapp. Without this speculation I think Tottenham would have done better this season as the pressure definitely had a effect. (although as an Arsenal fan I appreciate their decline)

Hodgson was the weakest and quickest fix for them and once again they have chosen to ignore US-the supporters and go with their own corrupt and mindless opinions. I’m glad they are excited about it because it seems no one else is. A four year contract is a stupid idea-although we all know that doesn’t mean much nowadays. We should have gone for an interim manager until after the Euro’s and then made a decision.  Harry Redknapp was the fans favourite and if the FA didn’t choose him for monetary reasons that is a weak move on their part.  But whatever the reason, I truly believe Redknapp was a much better option.

I think we are on the road to another Steve McClaren era of England where the FA pick a weaker man because they have messed up on their previous decisions. How many wrongs do we have to endure before we hit a right. I honestly think this is a bad move, every tournament we have played and will play now is full of disheartened fans and this is all because of the FA. I miss the days of getting excited about the Euro’s and the World cup now all we have to look forward to is getting kicked out really early. Maybe the ‘suits’ are the ones that need to step down if they don’t realise we are not winning things as a result of them.

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