Robin Van Persie-The best man wins PFA Award

I am so happy that Van Persie has won PFA player of the year award.  He really deserves it; not just from an Arsenal fan’s point of view but a football fan too.  The guy is amazing to watch on a pitch. He is pure magic.  He is admired by many across the world and every team wishes they had a Van Persie.

For Arsenal he has been our saving grace.  The one player that has earned his right to be our captain and is a great captain to have. He has had to bring our team together in every single game this year. There’s no denying that although Arsenal are not a one man team, but when things were falling apart, he was the glue that held us together and brought us to this position today.  He has immense passion and love for Arsenal, he is a great player, team mate and one of the best Captains we have ever had. He even has his son involved with the youth team showing that its a family thing.
I’ve not seen a player like Van Persie before.  Yes there are amazing strikers all over the world but he is unique in his talent.  He runs like fire in the wind and shoots goals in the net like a cannon.  In 43 appearances this year he has scored 34 goals and had 14 assists.  He is also due to win the Golden Boot at the end of the season. He has been an integral part of our team and club and this award is more than well deserved.
I really hope Arsenal do everything in their power to keep Van Persie at the club in the summer.  It would be such a shame to see him go.  We as Arsenal fans urge the board and Wenger to please get him to sign whichever way they can because an Arsenal team without Robin is unthinkable.
Tonight I will definitely be raising my beer in toast to the one guy who deserved to win this award more than anyone on that list tonight!
Here’s to Robin Van Persie- The best guy really did win

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