Van Persie rumours

There seem to be a few rumours flying around about Van Persie at the moment.  One was a result of a picture of him in a restaurant with a guy who is involved with Man City and also his agent.  The guy who is meant to be ‘associated’ with City is actually the owner of the restaurant that they were in.  I also do not think Van Persie would sign for City. He would not post a picture on his twitter if he was considering leaving the club, he has more integrity than that. It would also be considered ‘tapping up’ if this guy was trying to get him to sign and I don’t think even Man City would sink that low.  Is it just possible that Robin was hungry and fancied some dinner?

Van Persie visited the Barcelona team hotel last night after the Arsenal game.  There has been speculation this morning that he may want to sign for Barcelona but I think people are forgetting that Van Persie was and still is great friends with Fabregas.
Van Persie has always said that he never deals with business in the middle of a season; he likes to concentrate on his playing and making sure he has a stress free season.  He will discuss his contract with Arsenal at the end of the season.  Obviously if he signs for either of these clubs I will eat my words but I don’t think he will, especially Man City.  He has more class and loyalty that Na$ri. As you can see from above he is a Gooner and has been since he was a kid, if he can stay at Arsenal then he will and if he doesn’t then this is one guy we should support whatever he decides to do.

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