Arsenal V Wigan

Well my little trip to the Emirates last night wasn’t what I expected.  In all the Arsenal games I have ever been to at Highbury and Emirates, I have never seen them lose so it was a weird one for me to endure.  The atmosphere was amazing, there was excitement and hope amongst the fans and I was really looking forward to the experience of actually being there.  Unfortunately our players weren’t feeling this same way.  They didn’t look the part last night.  To be fair Wigan were falling over very easily last night and Al Haabsi has obviously been taking lessons from Krul on the art of wasting time.  The referee certainly could have had a better game but compared to some of the refereeing of late we can’t really complain too much.

The first goal should never have been scored.  Wigan were able to run completely from the Arsenal end to score without any real challenge from any of our players, not one single challenge.  Arteta was also injured at this moment which didn’t help. The 2nd goal was a defensive mistake made worse by Szczesny not keeping hold of the ball. The injured Arteta was replaced at this point by Ramsey, despite the crowd cheering for Oxlade-Chamberlain. Vermaelen managed to rescue a goal for us and we tried our best to get into the game but the ref kept blowing the whistle for stupid challenges which interrupted play for the best part of the 2nd half.  Wigan played well, they’ve continued their form from the last couple of ‘big team’ games they’ve had.  Tactically they were all over us and outdone us in energy, we allowed them far too much space.  Arsenal did try their best to get back into the game but it just wasn’t enough.  when I got home from the game I was hoping the goals weren’t as bad as what I saw at the game but there were dreadful mistakes made.

Everyone had their player to blame last night on the social network sites, and that player was Ramsey -yes I will agree that Ramsey did not have a great game but he wasn’t on the pitch when the Wigan goals were scored. But let’s just look at this objectively,  I don’t think there is one player on that pitch last night in an Arsenal shirt that could honestly be proud of how they played.  Everyone had a bad game.   I really hope we can put this loss behind us and come out on Saturday like we did against City and beat Chelsea.  We are still 5 points clear and 3rd in the league and that’s what we have to smile about and hold on to!

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