Sexism in Football-My opinion

After watching the Sexism in Football programme, I was amazed and shocked to find that we are as a country still stuck in the belief that football is a ‘man’s’ job.  Women love football as much as men and it’s unfair that we are still seen as unequal in this field.  Women work so hard to enter this career, probably even harder than some men due to the environment in which they have to endure. So if they are working hard to do something which they love, why are they still being criticised and judged on their gender.

I have no understanding of why sexism still exists in football. More and more women are entering into careers in the football world because of their love for the beautiful game; I am one of them women. I want to know how our passion is any different to a man’s? I think if we have the knowledge and qualifications then we should be entitled to work in football. I think the blame lies within the attitudes of men not modernising their opinion that football is a ‘Mans’ game.  The Fa and Fifa do not help these issues by having a predominately male structure to their board and employee’s. I personally think that the FA could do with a bit of help from decision making women as some of their choices the last few years have been debatable.  Maybe if they chose to allow more women to have careers alongside them, they would find that this would be a statement of their support of women in football.

The fact is women have been playing and watching for a fair amount of time now and we deserve the right to be included should we choose too. Are we that far behind in the dark ages in terms of this issue.  Watching the Sexism in Football programme disappointed me that men still think it is right to ‘banter’ and be sexually derogatory towards women within the workplace.  This is NOT acceptable in any workplace outside of football and nor should it be in football.  Obviously Sky took a stand in regards to Richard Keys and Andy Gray making sexist remarks but it should not have happened in the first place.  Women have already made a good name for themselves within the football world; Karen Brady is an excellent example of that and the many other women who have tried and succeeded.

I have watched and read about football since I was a child, and played and coached as a teenager.  I had to give up playing and coaching when I was 17 due to an injury which meant I had to have a hip replacement.  If this had not happened I would have continued to play and definitely would have continued to coach to a professional level. I’ve always watched any football game I can.  My weekends were spent with my dad watching all the English games, Serie A, La liga; any football we could watch we did.

As I have grown up I have never stopped the constant watching of games; in the last week alone I have watched 9 games of football.  I have spent the last 20 years reading about football, I read every thing I can and I read everyday. I have studied match reports and read statistics, I have read who are the best players/managers/coach’s and clubs in the world.  I actually have learned so much over the years, as much as a man would have learned, in fact I know more than some of my male friends do. I am in a predictions league and Fantasy league with male friends and I also watch most of my games with men and I can assure, as they would that I am on a par with most of them with knowledge, and I actually know more than some of them (as they found out in a yearly quiz). You can probably see it from the articles I write that I do too.  Should I be deprived of doing something that I love just because I am female?

I done my work experience at Shoot Football magazine as a teenager and the 2 weeks I was there were absolutely fantastic, I learned so much from the journalists that worked there. They may have had a preconceived notion in their heads of what a teenage girl might possibly be like but they didn’t treat me any differently and in fact I think they thought it was quite ‘cool’ that I liked football as much as I did.  They even allowed me to write an article for publication and gave me great references for future work.  I have tried many different careers over the last 14 years since I stop playing but I have come back to the one thing I know and love and that is football.  I am trying to launch myself a freelance writer in a competitive field and the response I have had so far from men and women has been amazing and I really hope it continues.

I hope that one day in the future we will see an increase of women having careers within football, becoming coaches, managers, part of a board at clubs or even the FA and Fifa.  Men in the football world that still believe that it’s not a women’s place I urge you to modernise your views.  So much good can come from uniting with women and working together to allow future generations to all be part of this wonderful game. Men should be proud that women have involved themselves and become passionate about football it paves way for their daughters, girlfriends and wives to do the very same.

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