Feaster of football!

I love Easter weekend…Not because of Jesus or chocolate but because there are 6 days of football to watch.  This is pure football heaven for me.  I try and watch all the televised games and I actually done pretty well this Easter.

I started off my weekend watching the Newcastle v Swansea game, I actually really enjoyed watching the game, as a football fan it was a great game to watch.  Cisse is a great little addition to the Newcastle team, His early goal was a result of a fantastic Cabaye pass, which he got on the end of and shot into the goal right past Vorm who just didn’t stand a chance. Swansea dominated the possession throughout the game and played so well but credit goes to Newcastle for winning. I think every Premiership club will be looking at Newcastle’s defence and wishing their’s was that strong.  Swansea had so many shots and they tried their best to get a goal but both teams played well all the way throughout and it was just a great game to watch.

I watched most of Spurs v Sunderland on Saturday minus a few minutes in which I had to pop out around the start of the 2nd half. Spurs started well in the first half and they more or less dominated over Sunderland with chances from Assou-Ekotto and Van de Vaart, they definitely looked like they were going to score. Sunderland rallied on in the 2nd half and had their fair share of chances too.  I got bored by the end of the game though.  It just seemed a bit lacklustre. Sunderland did well to gain a point from this match though.

Man United soared to 8 points clear of the league after their game against QPR on Sunday afternoon.  Quite a controversial start after Derry got shown a red card for nothing in my opinion, A huge error by Linesman first all for not noticing that Young was offside and then a 2nd error from the referee who sent off Derry for contact on Young (who dived) which did not even occur.  It lead to a penalty which Rooney scored. Qpr conceded a 2nd goal in the 68th minute through a cracking Scholes volley.  Although they had ten men QPR really did try their best to fight out this game and they should hold their heads high on the fact that they didn’t fall apart and concede more goals.  United had 24 shots to Qpr’s 9.  To be fair I don’t think the result would have been much different but at least QPR would have stood more of a chance.

For Arsenal V Man City see match report below or >>>>>

I watched West Ham v Birmingham on Monday too.  Thought i’d give it a go as it has been ages since I watched a championship club and both of these clubs are fighting for Promotion/play off place. I really enjoyed the game.  West Ham played pretty well the first 15-20 mins, They defended really well until Birmingham took the lead with two goals close to half  hour mark and then one more straight after Vaz Te managed to get one back for the Hammers just before half time.  The 2nd half was full of pace from both teams, even though Birmingham had the advantage and dominated in possession, cole got another goal for West ham and the Hammers kept on fighting until the end and there was a 2nd goal from Vaz Te which was the equaliser they had been searching for the whole game.

Chelsea V Fulham- This is always a good London derby to watch, especially with Chelsea fighting for 4th/5th place in the league and Newcastle chasing their tails.  I thought Chelsea started the game well but neither team had full strength within them, every opportunity that Chelsea had Fulham cancelled out.  Both team struggled to put any effort into it.  Chelsea took the lead through a penalty after Soloman Kalou was brought down by Murphy/Kelly…The referee said Murphy but then Apparently at half time said it was a result of Kelly.  But the decision was debatable anyway.  Fulham equalised through Cliff Dempsey in the 79th minute.  It was his 16th goal of the season which make it understandable why he is a target for Arsenal and Spurs.  Overall both these teams could have done better but I think Chelsea will be more unhappy with dropping two points.

Blackburn V Liverpool was an eventful game. Liverpool successfully managed to get another goalkeeper sent off and Brad Jones could have sufered the same fate in the second half. Liverpool have had to recall a striker from Hull to cope with their Goalie dramas.Liverpool started off the game with dominance and passion, which made a change from their previous games.  They looked in control of the possession and passed well.  Maxi Rodriguez got 2 early goals in the 13th and 16th minute. Yakubu got one back just after the half hour mark.  Blackburn played so well in the 2nd half that I actually thought they would nip a winning goal after their equaliser, but the winning goal came from Liverpool’s long haired expensive boy, Andy Carroll.  Who I’m sure was so glad to break his drought.  Another good game though, Liverpool definitely looked better.

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