Arsenal V Classless City

Yesterday’s game against City is probably up there as one of my favourite games of the season 2nd to beating Spuds.  Arsenal were just amazing.We started the game with such force and passion, dominating a usually strong city team. I enjoyed every moment of Arsenal playing yesterday, I actually lost my voice from shouting so much and I jumped out of my seat more times than I can remember.

We straight away had control of possession for a good 30 mins.  We looked like the Arsenal with a cannon to fire.  We were sharp, our passing was consistent, we were fresh and there were some amazing chances. Had to laugh when Vermaelen’s head blocked Van Persie’s header, I did have a slight worry that it was going to be one of them days when Van P hit the woodwork as did Theo Walcott, We also had a penalty appeal turned down after Lescott pushed Robin down in the box but we persisted and Arteta scored an amazing goal in the 87th minute, a beautiful curve ball from 25yrds out that ensured us that vital win. I loved the fans at the Emirates in that moment doing the Poznan dance to celebrate the goal.  Everyone may have had their opinions on Arteta but I actually have always rated the player and think he has slotted into our team nicely. We as a team moulded together so well. Song is such a strong player in our midfield.  Rosicky seems to have got new legs and has come into his own since December.  Benyoun was my man of the match though, I really hope we get to keep him.

Our Gunners had 12 shots to their 7 and most of theirs were in the 2nd half. We dominated the whole game in terms of skill, possession class and teamwork.  Balotelli put a nasty spin on the game by a tackle on Song that was lucky enough not to break his leg! I was shouting at the TV like all other Gooners were at the fact that he was still allowed to stay on the pitch. Even Mancini had his fair share of shouting at Mario.  I hope the F.A can recognise the severity of that tackle and extend his ban to 5 games.  Kompany was City’s best player by far yesterday- a bargain at £6m he defended really well.  Nasri was booed off the pitch in the 79th minute after a poor game from him, he is a shadow of the player he was at Arsenal.

Asides from everyone in the team not seeming to care less whether Balotelli was even there; Man city did not look like a united team yesterday, the looked like a team that were slow tired and cracking from the pressure at the top.  It shows that all the money in the world can’t buy success if the team just don’t seem united.  A bust up in the Man city dress room after the game just proves how unsettled things are amongst the team.  Arsenal should be proud of how they played yesterday and the fans should be proud of themselves too, the Emirates was atmospheric throughout the whole game it was so nice to hear all our fans proving Nasri wrong and showing that we do in fact have passion. A well deserved win. I think we all saw yesterday that form is temporary and class is permanent.

I read and heard a few things on twitter yesterday that made me laugh and I just had to share them:

Gary Neville on Balotelli-‘Whenever you create a circus there will always be clowns’

“Ramsey saved a life today”

“It all kicked off in the man shitty dressing room…Someone nicked Nasri’s bench”

“I hope when United win the title they drive their open top bus around the Etihad”

and this one just because it made me laugh

“Song mate, you’re meant to eat your wotsits not glue em’ to your head”



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