It’s not as bad as it seems!

So…Yesterday was not what we are all expecting from Arsenal. Especially as we have seemed to be on good form recently but it’s not as bad as it seems. To be honest I don’t know what Wenger was trying to achieve tactically in yesterdays game, whatever experiment he was attempting clearly did not work. Especially playing Ramsey as a winger and he should have probably brought on The Ox in the 2nd half. But it wasn’t his fault that half the team looked knackered and out of position. I hate that the Wenger haters came out in full force yesterday when they’ve been so quiet when we’ve been winning, I think they should just button up to the end of the season and then if we are anything below 3rd then they have every right to have a moan. But they should also realise that it may be the Arsenal board that is the problem and not Wenger.

Anyway back to yesterday’s game Arsenal looked tired and were lacklustre from the start. We had no space awareness and no one seemed to be where they should have been. The first half was rubbish. Vermaelen didn’t have the best game of the season and seemed to be out of sorts from his normally brilliant defending form. The 2nd goal was conceded as a result of poor defending from him. Taraabt’s goal was as a result of a midfield that seemed to be so asleep that they didn’t even notice the ball going past. Walcott’s goal kinda eased the pressure but to be honest Arsenal weren’t in this game from the start. We slightly improved in the start to the 2nd half but the 2nd QPR goal put an end to that. When Diakite scored I was amazed that he was even able to have that huge amount of space around him.

So overall it was a crap game for Arsenal and as fans I think it is understandable that we’re all going to be a little gutted that we’ve played so well over the last 7 games and then lost a game that should have been a ‘easy’ win. But we just need to stop, calm ourselves and realise that we are actually not so far off last season’s points. We’ve shown some great improvement in the last 7 games and at the moment we aren’t a team that can win every single game but we are getting stronger. With some players being sold and some new players coming in during the summer transfer window I am sure we will have a definite shot of competing in next years season. We just need to have faith and believe in our gunners so that when they lose belief we have enough to carry them…

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