Why aren’t any Premiership Clubs buying Huntelaar?

This is not normally an article I’d write but I felt like I really had an opinion on this. I’m a little bit perplexed to why no premiership clubs are coming in with offers to buy Klaas-Jan Huntelaar. The guy is a phenomenal player. He is coming to the end of his deal at Schalke and is refusing to sign a deal with them or any other club because he is keeping his options open. Although he has been rumoured to have said that he will be leaving the club after the Euro’s. I realise that he is 28 years old and that most Premiership managers are looking for younger strikers but he still potentially has 7 years in him.

If Arsenal had not already signed Podolski then I would say that this guy would fit in so well within the Arsenal team, he’d play great with Van Persie.  I could actually see him playing with Podolski and Van Persie too but we all know Wenger wouldn’t do that. He would also slot nicely into Chelsea’s team, definitely more suited to their style of play than Torres is. Liverpool who are not having the best season could offload Carroll and replace him with Huntelaar. Even Tottenham could find a place for him in their squad. Man United were rumoured to have bid for him a couple of years ago but he went to Real Madrid instead.

Nicknamed The Hunter, he is statistically one of the best strikers in the world and has been described as the best in a penalty area. He averages about 40 goals a season for the last 4 or 5. He is a tall strong attacking player. He has a high number of assists which shows his ability to share the ball. Already this season he has played 25 games, scored 22 goals, and 5 assists*. Huntelaar is valued at 20mil Euros which is not a bad price in this modern day for a player of his ability and age. He has previously had a 17mil buy out clause but as he is coming to the end of his contract it would not apply. I think any of the top 6 clubs in the Premiership could do with this guy as part of their team. I personally think he’s a great player.

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