Should Nasri have left Arsenal

Samir Nasri was recently interviewed and made some comments in regards to his Man City career and former Arsenal career. I didn’t think the comments were fair but I thought I’d write about whether I think he made the right move by transferring to City. My impression of football and a footballer’s career is to play as much as you can and help a team win games and be part of a success. The last few years for Arsenal haven’t been the greatest of successes and they have struggled to compete within the league let alone win trophies. Man city have been in the position to buy whomever they want but haven’t yet won any trophies although they are competing for the Premier league title.  But Nasri is at the moment spending time warming the bench for a Man City team that is plentiful of talented players.

In his interview Nasri stated that he “feels Arsenal played him too much and that sitting on the bench has improved him as a player” I think that he is saying that because it is his only way of defending that he has gone from a team where he was first choice in his position every game to a team that has other choices for where he plays.  It can be frustrating for a player to be one of the best in his team to go to a team where he is kind of average.

Nasri came to Arsenal in 2008 but he didn’t make a great impression until early 2010 and suddenly it was like he came alive.  He was a valued player within the Arsenal team; his ability to read a game and to skilfully pass and move around players like they didn’t exist was a great part of Nasri’s talent.  He also played well with Fabregas, Arsharvin and Flamini.  In my opinion he made Arsharvin and Flamini better players too.

At Man City He has only played 9 full 90 minute games and has been subbed/or sub for the other 13 appearances.  Statistically in those games he is playing well and managing to pass and score a few goals but he is not up to the standard he was at Arsenal and is not Man City’s first choice.  They also rarely play Nasri on the left wing, they normally play him behind Dzeko/Aguero and also Silva is a versatile player who is better than Nasri and can play anywhere in the midfield. He is still a motivated and talented player though.

When Nasri left Arsenal last summer the fans were annoyed at his transfer.  Nasri had repeatedly assured fans over the summer that he would not leave and then decided on a last minute deal for £25mil.  He gave the reason that “Arsenal would not offer him anymore money, that they couldn’t compete in anything major” he said that “Arsenal fans didn’t have any passion and it was worse after leaving Highbury(somewhere he never played with Arsenal)” He also said,  Wenger the man he once described as a ‘dad’ would not let him leave.  If you leave a club that has somewhat contributed to your ability as a player you should be grateful and conduct yourself in a professional manner regardless of what you think.  The fans are passionate at every football club; they would not attend if they weren’t.

I’d like to conclude by saying that if Nasri is the sort of player that is content to be on the sidelines in a huge team of talent and ego and only be a part time player in glory then maybe this has been the perfect move for him, especially if Man city do win the league.  But had he stayed at Arsenal he would have had first team football every game guaranteed and he could have helped make a difference this season.

It seems such a shame to waste all that talent on 9 full games as opposed to full time football but football has changed a lot recently and more players are becoming understanding and accepting that sometimes when you play for a bigger club the ambition is to actually compete for your place in the team.

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