Just a game? Not this weekend…

These last few days have been sad and poignant for the football world. But it has amazed me the amount of support worldwide for players Fabrice Muamba, Eric Abidal and Liam Kelly.  There have been millions of people all around the world who have in various ways have dedicated their support and prayers for these players.  In a game where there is so much rivalry and animosity; people have come together and openly shared nothing but love, comfort and prayers for these players and their families. Even players and supporters from other clubs! Fans all over the world have joined together online through various social network sites to leave messages of support and even those who aren’t religious have been praying.

Fabrice Muamba collapsed on the pitch at White hart lane during the FA cup tie.  He had to be resuscitated on the pitch by medics.  All players from both teams were absolutely devastated and openly comforted each other. Both teams and their fans should be incredibly proud of how they dealt with the situation and how conducted themselves.  Muamba still remains in critical condition but we are all hoping he stays strong and pulls through.  Both Bolton and Tottenham fans sang his name as he was being treated on the pitch. Other players from other teams have had his name on their shirts and there have been countless testimonials and messages of support from within the football world.

It was announced last week that Barcelona player Eric Abidal needed a liver transplant due to some past health problems. He underwent surgery on Saturday. There has been so much support for him online.  Real Madrid and other Spanish teams have played with his name on t-shirts and football shirts.  Online messages of support have flooded in from around the world from many people within football and those that aren’t.

Liam Kelly a 22 year old Kilmarnock player was playing yesterday in their cup tie against Celtic. He helped his side to a victory that had a bittersweet end when his dad had a heart attack in the stands and died.  He was ushered away whilst paramedics tried to save his father but he died shortly after arriving at hospital.  Everyone has offered their sincere condolences to the young lad. There have been messages of support from everyone and online too.

In the last few years football definitely has become more about the business and money.  It’s always about whom can invest the most money, or who can buy what player for what amount, or how many managers can we get. The ‘Big People’ in the clubs don’t seem to listen or to care as much about the supporters anymore and don’t realise how lost they’d be without them.  The rivalry and animosity has increased and also the amount of trouble that happens.  But if there is something that the last few days in football has shown; it is that amongst all of the corruption and greed there are still managers, players, fans and people all over the world that still show immense love, regard and support when things like this happen.  It’s so nice to see that there is still a lot of love in the football world.

I’d like to also dedicate this song to the players and their families at this time

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