Manager Merry-Go-Round

There are 10 more games to go before the end of the season is upon us and I think it is going to be a very busy and interesting summer for the transfer window.  There are already loads of rumoured deals for players being lined up for early signings before the Euro’s start. I think there will be some exciting new additions to the Premier League and some definite departures for others. But I actually think that it will be a summer of shocks in regards to managers.

We all know that the moment the season ends we have less than a month before the Euro’s start and no England manager has been appointed.  The FA have said that they haven’t even approached anyone yet and that’s slightly nerve wracking as we will only have a short amount of time to integrate a new manager and who knows who he will pick and only having a few weeks to get the team of choice prepared for a major competition is a hard task to say the least. Let’s face it the FA didn’t really give England a chance when they interfered once again in a matter that should have been dealt with by Capello. I wasn’t the biggest Capello fan but even I thought we should have done everything we could have done to keep him until after the Euro’s.

Stuart Pearce and Glenn Hoddle have both offered to take over as interim manager for the Euro’s so that’s two options unless you combine the both.  There are also obviously a huge amount of rumours flying around and who most fans (apart from Tottenham) are hoping for is good old Harry Redknapp.  Harry would be a great choice for England manager; he has proved with Tottenham this season that he has the capability of taking a team and improving it.  He also has been a manager in this country for years so he knows the team and he’d know what to do with them.  I think Harry has a no nonsense approach and a good commanding spirit.  The only thing that I think will stop him is that he is at a crucial moment with Spurs, if they qualify for Champion’s league then I’m not entirely sure he would leave.

The other contender I have heard about is Roy Hodgson, I’m not of the opinion that he would be a good England manager to be honest. His highest win rates are when he has been a short term manager for clubs like Inter Milan and F.C Copenhagen.  He also didn’t do very well with Liverpool. I think Harry definitely is the better choice, if Spurs can and will let him go.

There are definite changes ahead in the premiership in regards to managers too.  There are a couple of vacancies already. Chelsea sacked AVB a few weeks ago putting Di Matteo in charge as an interim manager.  I’ve heard so many names linked with this job and as well all know Abramovich is one of the hardest people to read when it comes to decisions like this.  I thought it was unfair to have sacked Ancelotti in the first place, but that’s just my opinion.  I also believe that AVB should have been given more time.  There are many names linked with this job.  Who ever takes it on will have to be prepared to deal with the short term success that Abramovich wants. Rumoured AVB replacements are:

Jose Mourinho- ‘The Special one’ He left the club over interferences from Abramovich in the team and also the fact that he didn’t want Schevcenko and Abramovich went ahead and bought him anyway.  Mourinho has stated that he is leaving Real Madrid at the end of the season and wants a job in the Premiership so maybe a return for him.  It would mean that they would have to put aside their differences and I’m not entirely sure Abramovich will do this unless the lure of winning stuff becomes more important than the power struggle between these two.  But there have been rumours that these two have kissed and made up so you never know. Jose has also been rumoured to take over at Tottenham if Harry Redknapp takes the England job.

Joachim “Jogi” Löw – The German national team coach at the moment.  He has an outstanding record for winning games.  He has a couple of years left on his contract but I’m sure Chelsea could lure him away with a good deal if he was willing.  It would after the Euro’s though because I don’t think he would leave the team before an important tournament. I actually think this guy might be the guy that ends up at Chelsea.  I know he is the least likely choice but if it’s not Mourinho then I think Abramovich might shock us and pick him.

Rafa Benitez- Currently unemployed. Well it is a rumour so I’ve had to include it but already the Chelsea fans are up in arms about this guy taking over. There have been immediate protests and chants at Stamford Bridge.  Benitez’s past achievements haven’t been bad, he had a good games won ratio but has failed to secure any huge success in the recent past. He has also been out of management for 18 months now.  I don’t think he will be Abramovich’s natural choice.

Maybe Chelsea might even keep Di Matteo in charge if he can prove that he can do the job until the end of the season.  But I think its going to be one of the interesting signings for manager’s this summer.

Wolves sacked Mick McCarthy not so long ago, I thought it was an unwise decision to sack him without having a plan for who would take over.  They are yet to appoint a manager as their favourite Alan Curbishley turned down their offer.  They appointed Terry Connors on an interim basis. I’ve only heard a couple of rumours regarding the managerial post:

Steve Bruce-Bruce was sacked from Sunderland earlier this season after a bad run of results. He is out of a managerial job at the moment. I do however think he is a good manager and Wolves would do well under him.  He has a good eye for players when he has a good budget.

Martin Jol-Well he is at Fulham at the moment and doing really well so I actually don’t think he’d leave for Wolves, but you never know with the premiership.  Jol is another manager who has actually been quite a stable manager.  He does only have 2 year contract so maybe Wolves could lure him away.

Other rumours:

Pep Guardiola is out of contract at the end of the season, he hasn’t signed another contract with Barcelona despite them offering him a one year deal.  He will announce his decision at the end of the season.  He has also been rumoured to come to  various clubs.

Arsene Wenger is not out of contract and despite being able to improve Arsenal’s season there is still a chance he could part company with the club after 7 seasons without a trophy.  There are still a lot of fans who are not in support of him and also the Arsenal Supporters trust are rumoured to have given their opinion that they need someone new.  He has received offers to coach the France national team and also Real Madrid.

Claudio Ranieri: Inter Milan have had a shockingly bad season, including a 7 week goal drought.  I’m not sure that he will continue his job there at the end of the season and apparently Inter have already lined up Andre Villa-Boas as his replacement.

Fabio Capello: The England manager who quit due to differences of opinion over the way the FA handled the JT captaincy situation. He has been tipped to take over at Anzhi Makhachkalaand he has also been linked with Chelsea.

So with a lot of clubs needing managers and mangers needing clubs, I think this transfer window will be dominated by the signings of managers this summer.  I for one am definitely looking forward to seeing what happens. There could be a lot of changes to the clubs in the Premiership which will make for an even more interesting season next year.

Please feel free to comment, thank you!

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