Arsenal v Newcastle

What a great night for Arsenal and their fans last night. The comeback kings are at it again. We have had the worst start to a season ever and they have been slated from all angles, pundits, media, our own fans, fans from other clubs and many other people and now these people must be eating their words as we are managing to prove them all wrong. Somehow we have rose like a Phoenix out of the ashes and are now looking to achieve 3rd place, something that looked liked the impossible for Arsenal to do suddenly becomes an easier task.  The last few games have been amazing for us as fans to watch, but last night’s game was the one that counted. We needed to win this one to close the gap on Spuds. We dug our heels in against a fighting Newcastle side and our relentless and passionate gunners proved to be the better team in the end. Van Persie’s equaliser 53 seconds after Ben Arfa’s goal was awesome and surely served Newcastle right for their silly dancing celebrations. Walcott seems to have got his confidence back and I have to say I agree with Wenger that it was his best game ever.  Rosicky’s new contract seems to have got him moving again too.  He has been a great little player in the last few games. Let’s not forget the amazing Van Persie- who made me giggle with his little angry moments at Krul and the wonderful Verminator with that winning goal. Newcastle played well, they kept us running until the very end. Krul made some brilliant saves and the fought hard to keep the Arsenal from winning.  Ba is a very strong player and its no surprise he is wanted by a lot of clubs. 

But the whole Arsenal team and Wenger deserve every bit of praise for turning this season round. I’ve been critical at times and I know we are not finishing with any silverware from this season but we are taking away a hell of a lot of pride and belief and sometimes that counts for a lot.  With improvements to the team in the summer with new players being brought and others being sold then next season we will be back stronger than ever.  I am hoping like every Arsenal fan that the curse of Spurs hits Man city and they lose the next 4 or 5 games and we win all ours then maybe 2nd place would be on the horizon…I know I know but a Gooner girl can dream.  No other team has come from behind to win four consecutive Premier League matches and make no mistake, we should not have been behind but it’s an achievement to go ahead and win games. It shows our passion and belief really does prove that with Arsenal FC nothing is impossible.  

“I have never questioned our spirit. It was a game of absolute commitment from both sides. We needed something special to beat them and what beat them was our relentless effort to win. There was never a point when I thought we wouldn’t win such is the belief in this team” Arsene Wenger after last night’s game. 

The Arsenal team celebrating Verminator’s goal


A Friend of mine who was at the game


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