Arsenal-A Fan’s perspective

As an Arsenal fan I thought it was time I wrote an article on beloved club and give my opinion to a few things that have been happening.  We have had 7 seasons without a trophy and looks like we’re ending this season the same way.  We had an awful start to the season, and we have been pretty inconsistent to say the least.  It has been a strange season, with some strange results for everyone, not just Arsenal. Spurs and Man City have both upped their game too although I don’t like to defend Spurs but they kinda earned theirs whereas Man City bought it. I’ve been talking with lots of Arsenal fans and obviously we’ve had the pro Wenger and against Wenger opinions and we’ve also discussed the board and the players etc.  A lot of Arsenal fans are obviously annoyed and frustrated with the situation because it just doesn’t make sense that we should be in this position, we went from 49 games unbeaten to 7 season’s without anything to show. So why aren’t we doing better?

David Dein left Arsenal in 2007 and he was a very influential man on the Arsenal board.  He left due to irreconcilable differences after Stan Kroenke invested.  I think all Arsenal fans will agree that he and Wenger made a good team in terms on investing in decent players for a decent price. We have had some amazing buys from the both of them combined, Henry, Bergkamp, Overmars, Petit and Veira to name a few.  Peter Hill-Wood and Ivan Gazidis remain in control and neither of them have done much to reassure Arsenal fans that Wenger has money to invest in new players or confirm why we are selling the important players. Ivan Gazidis actually said that ‘finishing 4th is like winning a trophy’ something I’m sure no Arsenal fan, player or manager will agree with.  They were also the ones that went ahead with buying Ashburton Grove and moving us from Highbury.  It seems pointless to buy a big shiny new stadium when we don’t have the quality of players or achievements to pay for it. The board insist time and time again that Wenger has had a £50million kitty to spend but this is not what we are hearing from Wenger.  I don’t think any Arsenal fan expects Wenger to go and buy a player for £50 mil because we’re seen from the likes of Torres and Carroll that sometimes it just doesn’t work. It also isn’t Wenger’s style. But however we do expect that he at least invest in some quality players that we 100% need in the team.  We have 71 players being paid at arsenal-40% more than at Tottenham and silly wage plans.  If we sold the under performing players and cut down our squad size all that money could be reinvested wisely.

There is no denying that Arsene Wenger in the past has been a genius.  Without him we would not have had the early successes we had, winning doubles the achievements of 49 games unbeaten and all the amazing players that he has paid tiny amounts for but developed into the most wanted players in the world, Fabregas and Van Persie are the examples here.  He has never played over the odd’s for any player.  You can’t honestly tell me that a man who has a scout in every country in the world cannot find a team of 11 players for a reasonable price. The last 3 years Wenger has to take responsibility for some dodgy decisions made, whether he was forced by the board or not.  I have to be honest this season some of the players brought during the transfer window seemed like forced panic buys, Mertsacker for example, he is not a typical Arsenal defender, he is slow and not up to the standard of what we need.  Arsene admitted Arteta was the board’s decision and not his.  Why did he only buy players at the end of a transfer window when it was so clear we needed to buy them at the beginning so they could be integrated into the team properly.

This season the Arsenal team seem to have fallen apart. We used to be known for our amazing defence and a great striker partnerships.  We now rely on one guy to score 80% of our goals and he isn’t sure about signing a new contract.  No one else really seems to be having a great season and then on top of that we have had injuries and no-one to replace these injured people.  We’ve conceded more goals than we have for years and we have suffered historical losses. The last month has been a slight improvement with wins against Spurs and Liverpool but actually we were still not playing as well as we should’ve been. We also went out of the FA cup and Champion’s league.  Our style of football when we are playing properly is amazing and beautiful, we are always compared to Barcelona for that but we don’t have their success rate so something is wrong. The only time I have really seen that in Arsenal this season is last nights game against AC Milan.  The first half was Arsenal, the Arsenal team that has been hiding away.  We had fight passion and determination. It was a relief to see we still had it in us.  I like every gunner was cheering and jumping out of my seat and shouting welcome back. It was amazing to have that feeling again and I’m hoping we can continue in the spirit of last night’s game and achieve 3rd place in the league.

But there has to be some sort of change at the end of the season.  Arsenal fans are getting to the point of being more than fed up with low achieving end of season taunts we have to endure from all angles.  With Arsenal set to raise their tickets prices again in the summer they surely have to make it worthwhile by selling all the dead wood from the club and investing in some quality players. Now I love Wenger but even I have to admit that there have been times in the last year or so that I have sat there and thought, come on Wenger, surely it’s time to go and I’ve chopped and changed my mind so many times about this subject mainly because I sit and remember everything he has done for the club but now I’ve come to the opinion that if he doesn’t invest in the summer with the money the club absolutely have ensured to give him then I think it’s time we bring in someone who is willing to buy and sell to improve the club and bring it back to good old winning Arsenal that we know and love…

Who I think we should keep: Szcezsny, Vermaelen, Koscielny, Sagna, Gibbs, Arteta, Song, Wilshere, Ramsey, Oxlade –Chamberlain, Frimpong, Walcott and Van Persie

Who I think needs to be sold: Almunia, Santos, Denilson Mertesacker, Squillaci , Arshavin, Benayoun (back to Chelsea), Chamakh, Gervinho and Park

Would love any opinions so please comment-whether you agree or not!!

2 thoughts on “Arsenal-A Fan’s perspective

  1. I support you but Gervinho and Santos should remain while Frimpong, diaby, djourou, walcott, Almunia, and park

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