Can you hear the drums Fernando?

When Fernando Torres signed for Chelsea in January 2011, he became the 4th most expensive player in history.  Sadly he has failed to live up to that huge price tag by not scoring many goals or been able to integrate himself as part of the Chelsea team.  A player of Torres’ quality just doesn’t turn out rubbish overnight so what is the reason for this downward spiral.

I think we all know Torres in the past has had the ability to be a great threat to any defence in the premiership.  When he was at Liverpool a whole team played around him and they also played to the best of his abilities.  For years Torres was Liverpool’s main striker so everyone fed him shot after shot and he turned these into goals. At Chelsea I happen to think they play very differently to Liverpool.  They definitely play a more attacking style of game and also play a faster game. Where as Liverpool are more holding midfield/defensive.  Torres isn’t Chelsea’s main striker.  They tend to have 2 or 3 strikers or players upfront and they also have Lampard, Malouda who are also goal scoring midfielders, so it is fair to say he doesn’t receive as many crosses and shots as he did at Liverpool.  Both Drogba and Sturridge have been played out of position to cater for Torres and I don’t think this has helped. To be fair I think Villa-Boas has given Torres fair chance this season starting him almost every game but how long can you keep a striker in the team if he isn’t scoring and how long do you keep him in the team to build up his confidence enough to score.

When Torres first signed for Chelsea he took a total of 903 playing minutes to score his first goal, but when he eventually did I think everyone was expecting the old Torres to be back to normal but that hasn’t happened.  His confidence has obviously wavered and the last few months he has looked nervous and almost passing more to avoid shooting.  He has suffered severe criticism and it will get worse until he improves.  When a player has a huge transfer fee I don’t think it helps with the pressure because there is so much more expectancy on them to succeed.  To be fair this isn’t the first time this had happened to a player at Chelsea either, I seem to remember Shevchenko had a similar experience.  Maybe Chelsea just isn’t the right club for Torres.

After being dropped from the Spanish squad a few months and still has only scored 4 goals the question is what next for Torres.  Does he stay at Chelsea and continue to fight a battle with his confidence or does he try and get a move away from the club for a cut of the price that was paid for him. I personally think Torres’ confidence will return by the end of the season and he will be back to his scoring self.  He just needs to break a barrier.  It’s really sad when this happens to a player of good quality and I hope whatever happens with Torres that he finds his goal scoring feet again.

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