Stripping John Terry of England captaincy-Big mistake?

It has just been announced that John Terry has once again been stripped of his England captaincy by the F.A.  I think this is another example of where football is going wrong. Once again the F.A have bowed to pressure, mostly likely from the media and public opinion to make a decision that once again could possibly cost us the Euro’s in the summer.  I didn’t agree with the decision 2 years ago and I definitely do not agree with it today.

We all saw what a disaster it was not having JT as captain in the World Cup. Our team was unorganised! We missed JT’s motivation, his constant communication with players and the bench and the natural way he is able to get the best from the team. The captain’s armband was passed from Gerrard to Ferdinand, both very good players but neither of them are strong contenders for this role.  JT was also given back the captain’s armband after the world cup which reiterated that he was and still is the best man for the job.

We are now facing the same dilemma as the world cup 2 years ago, 4 months to the Euro’s and we have to figure out who will be our captain.  With players finishing a busy Premiership season, Champions League and FA cup, when are they gonna find enough time to squeeze into weeks what has taken JT years to achieve. JT hasn’t made the wisest choices in the past especially in regards to his personal life but that is his life and its ‘personal’ for a reason.  It should never have been brought into football. This time the decision is based on alleged racial abuse towards Anton Ferdinand and the impending court case on July 9th.   Obviously if JT is found guilty by a judge then I agree that he should be punished, but not before then. And If  he is found not guilty will the FA openly apologise to him?

The FA have once again set us up to fail, they have prejudged his court case and made themselves look weak for bowing to pressure.

What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty ?




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