Everton free school move granted

When it was announced this morning that Everton Fc had been granted permission to open a free school I was definitely one of the people jumping for joy.  I think its an amazing idea and what a great opportunity to provide for young people (age14-19).  I was really surprised that no other clubs had thought of doing the same.  Not only will the young people be given a good education but they will also be given the chance to get football coaching and development that they ultimately would not receive in mainstream schools.  The fact that this opportunity is available to girls as well as boys is fantastic.  When I was at school football was not really encouraged as a sport as it was ‘not ladylike enough’ but with consistent coaching I know a few girls that would’ve worked harder at their education if they were able to play football at the same time.  It will enable young people from a young age to learn about team work and loyalty, they will also learn more responsibility.                              Its always been said behind closed doors that the standard of footballer’s education in the past has left a lot to be desired and I certainly think with this school opening and the many more that will follow that the standard of education in football will greatly improve, footballers will be more qualified to further their careers after playing.  Also over the last few years there has been some speculation among FIFA and the FA in regards to english clubs playing too many overseas players and not allowing the homegrown players to come through into the first team.  If every team opened a free school this would increase the amount of national players, as well as providing homegrown talent for clubs to use, we could end up with one of the best countries for footballers.

In a week where young people took to the streets of London to peacefully protest for their right to an education, its good to see that there are still people out there willing to inspire them that it is still possible…

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