The Pitch is Back…A little about me!

I love football, I have done since I was a child, I’m not entirely sure what age I fell in love with the beautiful game but I can remember watching games and thinking wow this is amazing to watch, I wanna play too. I played when I was a teenager and worked at Charlton football ground part time, I even volunteered as a youth team coach after a hip problem meant I had to give up playing.  I done my work experience at shoot football magazine and by the time I left school I was armed with so much knowledge about football. I eventually had to to have a hip replacement so my playing days were over at a young age but I never gave up the love I had for the game.

I continued to watch and support throughout the years. I watched all the games I could, my dad had all the sky sports channels so we watched endless amounts of games (thanks dad!), I watched all the Euro and World cup games too and when I grew up I got my own sky sports package lol.

It is fair to say that I have loved football for majority of my life, and its a great ongoing affair,  there’s nothing better than that feeling when the season starts in August, that huge excitement for what awaits, who is going to win the league? who will get relegated? who will be player of the year, who will be the first manager to get sacked! all the FA cup and Champions league draws.  I love the passion you see in players when they play, I love the skill and the passing,  I love the managers and I love the fact that everyone has an opinion on football and thats why I set up this blog, so I can talk to people who are as passionate as myself about a wonderful game…

I am currently writing for

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